"Vegetable basket" debut in the fashion circle c, this year's most popular straw bag, how to match?


Roboty Reczne round rattan handbag When it comes to gra […]

Roboty Reczne round rattan handbag

When it comes to grass (bamboo) knitting, it is probably from the 1970s, this kind of bag similar to the basket will be in the fashion circle every few years.

This year is undoubtedly a year of "dish basket", whether it is a luxury brand such as Gucci, Prada, Loewe, Miumiu, or a niche brand like Nannacay, Muun, Rae Feather, Europe, Japan, Japan and South Korea, are scrambling Catch this wave of fashion.

This kind of material is not expensive and easy to match with the rustic shape of the package, so it once again debut in the fashion circle c.

1 retro dress × grass (bamboo) package, the most beautiful this summer is you

In the summer, every girl's closet can't have a few dresses. Don't bother to think about the new tops to be worn with a better look. A dress is easy to match and quickly get out.

This summer's most popular dress "Tea Dress", vintage printing and skirt type, whether it is daily travel or dating dinner can be easily controlled, slim and slim, with drafting (bamboo) package, retro in the past Lazy.

A round straw bag like this is suitable for your second model. The round shape looks like a cute, but the upper body is fashionable max. With the straw material, it is the perfect choice for vacation. Small brands such as Ellen & James and Roboty Reczne give you a lot of choices.

Ellen & James round rattan handbag

Summer is hot, strap dress is still one of the essential fashion elements, cool and sexy coexist, squat on the grass (bamboo) package, the next second seems to be able to meet with the girlfriends to go on a trip.

It is paired with a plaid printed sling and is the perfect combination of vintage and small fresh.

2 jeans × grass (bamboo) package, transforming casual casual street style

No matter how fashionable and updated, jeans are the most versatile fashion items that will never be eliminated. The style is varied and the fabric is comfortable and wearable.

Whether it's denim trousers, shorts or even jumpsuits, you can easily match all kinds of grass (bamboo) bags to create a casual light retro dress.

Even if you don’t want to wear makeup, put on your jeans and carry a “vegetable basket” on your back.

Similarly, the micro-bar jeans are also the ones that Elvis Presley's ex-wife Jane Birkin most often goes out with with the “vegetable basket”. The upper body is wearing a white T-shirt or shirt. It is simple but not simple. It seems to have the only place in Paris wherever it is. The elegance and laziness of the street, the smiles are so bright and moving.

3 use small pieces to create the most perfect wear

After finishing the match on the clothing, many little fairies still feel not perfect, this feeling is like the lack of strawberries on the cream cake; the ice cream is missing on the waffles.

Then, when it comes to grass (bamboo) knitting, how can we lack the straw hat? These two are undoubtedly the perfect partner in the summer, and the fashion sunscreen is correct.

Even the most common vegan color combinations don't feel monotonous at all. How to wear is full of holiday style.