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Add Some Swag to Your Look With a Straw Flat Cap

Author: admin / 2022-09-15
The straw flat cap is a fashionable headwear option that can add a touch of swag to your outfit. Made from lightweight straw, this cap is made with a colourful, mottled design that lends it a cool, casual look. Its head-hugging design emphasizes this casual look and pairs perfectly with office or leisure wear.
Ivy cap
Wearing an ivy cap on a straw flat cap is a great way to add a fashionable flair to your look. This style has been popular with celebrities and athletes for decades, but it is also an option for the more casual fashionista. It is not as formal as a fedora, and can be easily thrown on without too much effort. These hats are best worn in cooler weather during the early Winter or Spring months. For the summer, you can pair it with a flat hat made of straw.
You can find a stylish ivy cap made of structured straw at the local craft market. This style is a great choice if you are looking for a lightweight cap that offers sun protection. Straw flat caps are also a great choice, as they are lightweight and breathable.
Boater hat
There are many different styles of boater hats. Some are more formal than others, and some are casual. In the summer, a boater hat pairs well with a blazer or summer suit. It can also be worn with a black-tie tux, although it is often recommended to wear a white tuxedo if the weather is warm.
A boater hat is traditionally made from sennit straw, with a flat crown and flat edges. It is often adorned with a ribbon and a hatter's knot. This hat was invented by boating enthusiasts in the early 19th century. It was popular among boaters and canoeists.
Newsboy cap
The Newsboy straw flat cap is a versatile piece of headwear. It has a low profile and small stiff peak in front. The cap's eight panels are sewn together from the top. This design is also known as the "gatsby cap," and has a top button for closure. It's a traditional style that can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual shopping to formal events.
The Newsboy cap was originally worn by paperboys during the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is similar to a baseball cap but has a puffier crown and is constructed with eight panels of fabric, not three. The crown is also wider and folds over on itself on the side, and there is often an accent button on top.
Traditional Irish flat cap
The traditional Irish flat cap is made of wool in a brown herringbone pattern. Its peak keeps the sun off the face, similar to an old-time sun hat. It is now an iconic piece of Irish apparel that is often seen in photos. Flat caps can be made from twill or plain weave woolen material.
The flat cap has a long history in Ireland, going back centuries. This cap symbolizes Irish culture and tradition, and is the trademark symbol of Ireland. It is a timeless piece of clothing that will prove to be a wise investment for generations to come. Many people consider it an important piece of Irish heritage, and a flat cap can be a wonderful gift for a loved one who is from Ireland.
Traditional Scottish tam o' shanter
The brimless bonnet cap known as the Tam O' Shanter was first worn by men during the fifteenth century in North-Western Europe. It is typically made of wool and is characterized by a toorie in the center. It is also unique in its external hatband.
Known throughout the world, the Tam o' Shanter is a popular and entertaining traditional Scottish tale. The story is told in the first person by a character known as Tam. The story follows Tam and his grey mare Meg through a frightful storm. Along the way, they meet apparitions, dancing witches, and warlocks. However, they make it safely to Brig o' Doon.

Product description:
The 7CM brim is especially suitable for blocking direct sunlight in summer and preventing sunburn. It can be comparable to the sunshade effect of a sun umbrella. The hat can be folded at will, easy to carry! There is a metal wire at the brim that can be bent arbitrarily. The material of the hat is imported papyrus, not pure grass woven, because it is machine woven, the pure head is relatively thin.
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