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Zjkaijiacrafts Introduction Why Straw handbags was Popular

  • Update:24-09-2016
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    Straw handbags to green by consumers. Natural straw bag […]

    Straw handbags to green by consumers. Natural straw bag seems simple, pretty scene, it can be used as decorations Ms. Out, today and in the future of popular inevitable trend. Its simple and elegant design, natural green material and strong local characteristics widely praised by modern favorite. Grass, rattan, hemp and other natural plant straw bag made from last year to now has been popular, but also because of its stylish, light, security is good, the streets become a summer favorite of the girls. The mothers were called "basket" of grass rattan bag, fashion magazines have been around that to push up.
    Summer carrying a bag walking down the street, people will inevitably increase the heavy feeling and feeling hot. Grass, straw bags rattan, hemp and other natural plant-feeling fresh and clean, so stereotypical image of the brightest up at once! This summer, straw bag package as necessary, firmly grasp the feminine heart.
    Straw bag many styles, single shoulder, portable, Messenger, double-back ...... so-called all its beautiful flowers. Portable straw handbag most special place is more than enough ability, not only to cope with the taste of casual occasions, and let you show for formal occasions. Choose this white, beige, dark blue, light green and other colors of light, but not play, with a sense of excited but not stiff formal dress, straw bag office will inject a fresh breath will bring to the mood.
    Simple design of today's straw bag is not just appeared when, in order to adapt to modern convenient and efficient requirements, straw bag style is also close to the bag. With short of the leather, the handle delicate bamboo, a workmanship, material well straw bag may not be cheaper than a leather handbag, but its quality is enough to board for formal occasions.