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You Should Need a Pair of China Cotton Socks

  • Update:20-03-2017
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    China Cotton socks are an item that should be included […]

    China Cotton socks are an item that should be included in each wardrobe. Men, women and children wear socks almost every day, whether they go to school, work or gym. Cotton socks is not to say that 100% cotton, cotton socks are now blended, as long as the main component of cotton content to ensure that more than 60% can. This socks not only maintain the characteristics of sweating, but also has a good chemical fiber products, the advantages of deformation is not easy. Usually, more than 75% cotton content of the socks can be called "cotton socks", and generally cotton content in 85% of the socks even very high-end socks.

    Why do people choose cotton socks as part of their daily costumes? Very simple, cotton is a durable material that lasts for years. There is one downfall to cotton when it comes to socks, because of the material it can lose its shape, usually retaining this shape once washed. There is no guarantee that your socks which have gone out of shape will get back to their original shape though.

    Cotton socks are breathable. Cotton is a kind of warm breathable material, which is why it is used for clothing, bedding and socks around the world. This means that when you wear these socks your feet are breathing, reducing sweat residue. Anyone who struggles with sweaty feet will understand the importance of cotton socks. Although cotton remains durable and breathable, cotton is also highly absorbent. This means that anyone with sweaty feet wearing boots all day, do not worry about their feet will be sweating, because the cotton socks will absorb feet sweat.

    As mentioned earlier, cotton socks are really easy to lose their shape, although this is rarely a problem, but that does not mean that socks will become uncomfortable to the extent that you can not wear them. The advantage of these socks is their affordability, and if you wear them there will be many benefits. They are also superior in price to many other socks. They keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and have many colors and patterns to choose from.