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Top Ten SCARFS list

  • Update:21-09-2016
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    I have always felt a romantic winter because of the col […]

    I have always felt a romantic winter because of the cold, it is easier to feel the kind of warm chest beautiful, when her boyfriend to hold your hand and give you a hug when, like "you are surrounded by people with a scarf , warm heart to each other. "

    Some people say that I am a "single dog" how to do, then give yourself a scarf to buy it, take care of yourself there is always spring.

    So, as a winter essential, today we would no longer send "Langya list" together take stock of what the world's top ten brands scarves charts! The most popular, the most worthwhile to start "warm", buyers passengers give you the answer!

    First: HERMES

    HERMES no objection to the first, creating a unique brand position can not shake its luxury quality. It has been so impressed HERMES Scarf: "In the fashion kingdom, HERMES scarf is the king of the country, any other brand, try anyway, the results are in vain."

    HERMES is more than well-scarf, now used to introduce a certain degree of warmth is better cashmere scarf. Thin, smooth, fine, but do not worry its thermal effects, cashmere silk blended material closer to the softness of the skin, what need bursts of fear bleak, biting it cool?

    HERMES cashmere scarf fringed styles can be divided and the two non tassels, warm cashmere scarves coupled with subtle delicate tassel catcher, elegant and dynamic.

    HERMES cashmere scarves generally priced at 6,000 yuan, but it was concluded Hermes scarves Why so expensive, everyone's artistic patterns, colors different styles, all handmade, silk cashmere blended material, HERMES scarves price can not expensive? Even so, it is said every year around Christmas, will sell one every 15 seconds.


    Second must give the LV, not only the classic bag, as well as scarves, and more than one explosion models!

    Yes, Tang Yan again, even if you do it a bird, but she was there. This is the year's hottest a LV scarf, and fire it at the moment! Since the Tang Yan wear this scarf self-timer after he was purchasing a small partners scraper.

    The scarves printed with classic Louis Vuitton Monogram large floral pattern and the first letter of the word, with a double design wool and silk, unique monogram patterns using three-dimensional jacquard weave, winter essential single product with great clothes . Official price: 3150 yuan

    Third: CHANEL

    Classic double C black cashmere scarf, double C is synonymous with elegance and fashion weight around the neck to the most elegant single product, each girl has a feeling of Chanel, irresistible. In particular, this black and white, I can not find more beautiful than this.

    Buy it is for this double c is not it? Wear it is to expose the double-C is not it?


    Yes, or LV - scarves towel in the battle.

    Do you remember that little junior sister apprentice starred in "Qi Tan," Dilly Reba in it? She is wearing a short skirt showed off slender legs, LV shawl draped their heads held high gas field well, to show LV REYKJAVIK scarves royal sister style.

    REYKJAVIK scarves can be said to be the stars of the same paragraph, it is worn by men across the younger old, starting with the number of non-Meng's daughter, Huo Siyan, Li, Yang Mi, Ady, Liza all worn.

    Decorated with on this soft pure cashmere scarf with tone Monogram pattern, wide enough to be used as shawls are OK, but also on both sides, oh, look at Dilly Reba small junior sister apprentice to know more of the gas field, winter bring deep warmth and fashion sense.

    Official price: 7350 yuan.

    Fifth: GUCCI

    LV finally gave way (in fact, there is also a back), and finally to turn to Gucci, the luxury brand in the inside, Gucci scarf is the most cost-effective, can easily win more than a thousand, have a lot of friends.

    The same model as LOGO's scarves, Gucci scarf has become the first choice of many people's entry. From the airport a few years ago the big S Street beat, to "Where is the father" in Belle portrait interpretation, let this scarf again on a fire.

    However, it is this year's hottest home the same section of another color, graphite color, with pink, GG pattern, just to mess fire. Your circle of friends is not necessarily uncommon! !

    GG jacquard pattern knit scarf, 100% wool jacquard fringed edges.

    It can be said with graphite color pink, the colors really no way out, charming, trick girls like it, confirms the above two sides wear out the best results, but also can be done with shawl.

    Sixth: BURBERRY

    As more and more selective, more and more new models, burberry inevitably be affected, so the sixth Burberry put a little aggrieved, after all, it is home cashmere scarf too classic, enduring, do not need celebrity endorsements directly put FIG.

    The most classic camel plaid, most classic burberry sign, stating that: as long as people will be able to buy a "timeless life"!

    Prices, classic wool plaid paragraph (130cm) about 2800-4000 so longer (180cm above) must 4000-8000. Origin of Britain's most expensive, usually around 60-125 lbs.

    Of course, another "personal stamp" service is also very attractive burberry, the wife's name embroidered up, not only can not be submerged in the street, worn on the body is full of love, only part of your "exclusive memory".

    Seventh: McQueen

    Do not say McQueen is a small sign, though others have not, but the classic forever, many people are in contact from the famous piece of skull pattern silk scarves to McQueen, date, fashion skull still full of vitality!

    Before specifically introduced, friends who are interested, please click "McQueen" view.

    Southern friends can choose silk scarves, northern friends can select a higher degree of warmth wool scarf (91% wool and 9% silk). Of course, in addition to timeless skull, there is a stamp series.

    Wool scarf official price: 3300

    Perhaps it is not is not so big, the people are like McQueen have a strong independent personality sister, "every true love of the great fashion designer who should have a fine section Scarf" is not an exaggeration.

    Eighth: FAENDI

    Although the proportion of Fendi scarves little, but you can not miss it when it comes to Fendi fur scarf must comes, your favorite on the New York socialite Olivia Palermo wearing fur, but also more than one.

    As a warm fur scarves degree Needless to say, and sometimes is used to concave shape!

    The following section of this black and white, printed with FENDI logo fur scarves just the United States to burst! Price 1W +

    Of course, if you have enough environmental protection, we do not want to hurt small animals, can learn a vegetarian from now on, to a moment in the little monster scarves, hundred percent wool, as long as 2600.


    LV third time, certainly not to make up the numbers, themselves want it in fifth place, but think about it, the top five in three of the other brands are LV have real injustice. but! Yes! LV has said is "the battle scarves towel", there is a burst paragraph not say, can only temporarily put here.

    This is the baby the same paragraph, MONOGRAM scarf, the official price of 4550, two years before maxed circle of friends, this heat continues unabated!

    Yes, it has a Sao powder, Zhang Ziyi and HuoSiYan are worn, HuoSiYan seem very much beloved LV scarf repeatedly with not enough, on this two purposes, a low-key Zhang Ziyi still learn a good point, a large area of ​​glitter too evildoer !

    Tenth: Acne Studios

    As already introduced 9, if you still feel expensive, so there is also worth a scarf in, do not you pay a month, less than 1,000 soft sister coins can be won, it is from Acne Studio in Canada!

    Ten days ago specifically introduced, friends who are interested, please click on the "Acne Studios" View.

    While Acne is not big, but with Nordic minimalist design style scarf in the domestic high heat, simple and comfortable. First 100% shearing of the material, neat cut, with beautiful price it after each shelves are berserk, was often heard to this scarf, in Stockholm, Sweden to run one afternoon nothing.

    Canada should be in the country to wear fire up Yang Mi, Zhao Wei Wong also have the wear!

    The Italian scarves made using wool, lambswool, do not need any skills, random surrounded on great range of children, is absolutely winter wild single product, and Acne Studios free sex design, men and women-take-all.