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The Wool Hat is a Satisfactory Choice

  • Update:05-04-2017
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    The wool hat is a classic costume that has many useful […]

    The wool hat is a classic costume that has many useful qualities. Wool is not just a warmer fabric that makes you warm in the winter. Its quality makes it life for up to a whole year. The wool is cut from the sheep and then woven into the fabric. Wool in the cold weather to maintain a warm ability, but not all. Wool breathes well in warm weather, but it should be a very thin woolen fabric. It is also to some extent natural rejection of water, making it an ideal choice for hats.

    However, the best quality of wool is that it does not keep wet like cotton. In addition to the hat, the wool is wearing a suit of the standard fabric, because the wool is natural anti-wrinkle. This is not important for the hat, but it does make the wool a very wearable fabric.

    There are two very popular hats made of wool. The first is a very simple hat, which is the most popular skiing. Its shape fits the head, it is a very warm hat, its size, so it can be easily carried. The second popular style of the wool hat is the famous businessman of the British businessman, is the perfect city, you do more walking to get off work. There are many different types of wool caps, but these hats have been around for a long time and are still very popular today.

    How do I care for felted wool hat? First of all, often use high-quality soft brush brush to the surface dust, in order to keep the wool fabric color and appearance of bright colors. Second, the wool fiber has a natural stain resistance, but if not careful contaminated dirt, please deal as soon as possible, so as not to leave traces. Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean the stains of wool products; if you want to rub, please be sure to gently, so as not to damage the fiber quality.

    Felt wool cap can be cleaned, but separate hands, do not use the washing machine, so as not to damage the shape. When the hand gently when the hand, the more dirty parts only need to gently scrub, do not brush with a brush. After cleaning, hang in the ventilation can be naturally dry, do not touch. Please use low temperature drying when dry.