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The Scenery is Also Charming on the Neck

  • Update:20-10-2016
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    Winter is coming, the neck refused to bare, because bec […]

    Winter is coming, the neck refused to bare, because because it is not only very cold, but also can not make the whole shape instantly fresh up, dress and then always feel less something, right, you are the lack of a SCARFS  or bibs,yes, the situation has changed.

    01 do not blame the girls find it troublesome to buy a scarf is indeed a long-standing problem, there are numerous, dazzling, really do not know what to choose to do, it is better to pick a simple but tall on the collar, put directly on the line, The probability is low.

    02 generous solid color in the match from the clothes to very simple, just according to their own color, clothing and preferences can be selected, super-skin-soft linen material softly, giving the scarf elegant graceful literary range children, it only Will give you temperament extra points.

    03 appropriate to add some embellishment is also necessary to get rid of the monotonous, red and white and blue three color blocks and the national flag pattern is equivalent to the role played an active atmosphere, the original dull space becomes lively, but it is moderation, not noisy It's boring.

    04 colorful colorful pattern is of course beautiful, classic Check is more fashionable, not fancy, not tacky, clear, elegant and gas field coexist, savor and found the ingenuity of the dotted line grid a bit less sharp color, a few more Subtle and soft.

    05 is also a collar, circle larger collar to facilitate you to create the illusion of scarves, two colors intertwined, and did not violate and clever twist of the East West turn, fresh type looks very easy to come out , Others can not guess what you used in the end magic.

    06 You can also add in the lover's neck and match your scenery, implicitly express your feelings than the explicit meaning of the more explicit, a small scarf passing between the two people understanding and mutual care , Even if the biting cold, warm heart is also warm.

    07 scarf wearing a variety of law, not familiar with the sister who do not tangle, scarf existence is to solve the trouble to wear a scarf, save time and effort, put on a small scarf is another taste, simple The uncertainty, the same irresistible charm.