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Straw bucket hat maintenance skills

  • Update:26-09-2016
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    First, the best to use a prop to support the Straw buck […]

    First, the best to use a prop to support the Straw bucket hat, when not wearing it on the cap holder to prevent damage to the cap type, affecting the next wear. If you will not wear it, in the hat, covered by a clean cloth or plastic sheets to prevent dust from entering the papyrus gap.

    Second, the proof: before worn a hat in place up, drying out of the hat up in the air for 10 minutes to remove moisture due to the human body.

    Third, Cleaning: If soiled, you can use a clean cotton cloth wrapped around the finger, moistened with water and gently wiped, then dry, not wet, when a plastic bag to prevent herbaceous produce mildew.

    With skills

    A woven straw hat summer travel necessary it is essential, straw hat with a clever use of the words except as shade, the more casual fashion elements will be excavated yo. Look crush all kinds of Japanese, regardless of how to mix and match summer, a lovely cool hat always accompanied his right, another type is chic, resort-style pastoral style casual interpretation. Beautiful visor Dachu Variety mood is actually very simple. Let us in the summer, "Take a straw hat to the streets", accusing him of Japanese minimalist fashion style now!

    Straw hat with Method One: woven straw hat with a print dress

    Colorful print dress and straw hat soft flounced destined to become the perfect match fresh summer route. The careful and meticulous work lotus knitting embellished satin bow, you absolutely lovely playful an entire summer Oh!

    Straw hat with two: beige bow hat mix and match

    See also paragraph summer wild stuff, cute bow elegant combination of beige and straw. Ideal for the seaside resort wear Oh!

    Straw hat with three: a large brimmed straw hat with a hand-knitted coffee color plaid handkerchief

    Handkerchief and hat will always idyllic romance casual encounters, but also Japanese fashion accessories in essential goods, not only reflect the deep Japanese petty feelings, a touch of retro outpouring of affection was also thin.

    Straw hat with four: sun hat topped with a white shawl shirt chic flat top design, the soft texture of straw, to catch a white shawl, highlight the extremely dynamic fashion spirit. Simple and plain dotted with exquisite inspiration life bit by bit, fashion always stay in your side, you are aware of it?