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Straw bag maintenance

  • Update:16-10-2017
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       1. Straw bag because of the material and manual sewi […]

       1. Straw bag because of the material and manual sewing process, it can not bear too much, not more than 1 kg is appropriate, if necessary, you can load parts with needle or fishing line to strengthen their own, will play a good effect.
       2. The original color of the straw bag is not stained, so there will be no fade problem, the color of the straw bag is high temperature steam dyeing, in the face of water or a long time in a fixed part of the friction, please note fade, normal use Do not have to worry about fading problems.
       3. Straw bag is best not to wash, handle dirty, but mostly for the wooden handle design, wet cloth can be wiped, cornflakes woven bag if the cracks are dust and other debris, you can use a small toothbrush to clean up, Can be washed with water, straw can be wiped with a damp cloth, and Rafei grass is the most afraid of water, do not wash, clean with a small toothbrush can be. Rattan bag is also a small cloth with a small cloth can get. Lined with a clever crush can be removed cleaning, and then sewn can be sewn. Straw bag with a long time, the depth of cleaning can be washed with water, can not soak, rinse the best in a short time to complete, and timely and completely dry.
       4. Straw bag should avoid prolonged sun exposure, strong sun exposure will cause grass fiber pigment oxidation, fade, brittle. Long time not to use, should be packaged in a sealed bag stored, or placed in a dry, light, not long exposure. In this way, the color of straw will be preserved for a long time does not fade, toughness does not change.

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