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Something About Wear a Baseball cap

  • Update:30-09-2016
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    Something About Wear a Baseball cap Wearing a baseball […]

    Something About Wear a Baseball cap

    Wearing a baseball cap and dressing, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they wear a satisfactory, but also make people look elegant. Hat form and color must be and clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes and other facilities. Ladies wearing glasses, do not wear a hat with a complex floral, hat should not cover the forehead, hat to be higher, so that you can show your smart style and elegance. The size of a man hat that number is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But taking into account some of the hat to shrink after washing, so the purchase should be slightly larger. General adult men's hat is 55-56, the child is 50-55, the baby cap is 42-46.

    Role of use

    Baseball cap

    1, baseball players in the game due to the venue and time problems will be on the sun line of sight, so the baseball cap to play the role of shade.

    Beam hair

    2, baseball cap can be the athlete's hair restraint to avoid the game because the hair is too long to cover and lead to mistakes.

    Keep warm

    3, baseball players in winter or colder season, baseball cap can play a role in ensuring the warmth of the head


    4, baseball cap can be used as a small item to prevent falling into the hair, such as baseball game to prevent sand. [2]


    5, with the baseball cap development, the above four as the baseball cap the most basic features have been unable to meet the needs of modern people, baseball cap more and more fashionable, can be used as a decorative items.