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Socks shopping

  • Update:08-08-2017
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    Socks selection: socks collar, socks knitting fineness […]

    Socks selection: socks collar, socks knitting fineness - good socks knitting fine. Stockings: feel soft and delicate. Stockings: chemical fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic fiber and so on. (pantyhose; stockings; seven pants -- to abdomen hips; nine pants -- without socks, not regular cleaning, suitable for spring and autumn day wearing knee socks; socks. Polyester cotton socks: containing a small amount of chemical fiber, 30%. Antibacterial health socks: to physical effects (non - drug) to achieve lasting anti-bacterial, deodorant, ringworm and so on. Foot massage socks: blood circulation, health care. Five finger Socks: prevention of beriberi. Full cotton: cotton, suction Han, more comfortable.
    Type: stockings, stockings and socks are socks by the long charge to account; socks, socks and stockings cuff selfix in socks type; socks socks and socks by the use of object to.
    Structure: socks are made up of socks, socks, socks and 3 parts. The foot comprises a sock heel, a sole and a heel and toe back. Socks socks is the role of the edge is not close to the legs and caused by decoherence. There are 5 main parameters of socks, socks,  long length, long and with high.
    Specification: the specification is expressed by the socks, socks, and socks, and is based on the actual length of each standard, so that your feet long after they buy fit socks. However, because of the different materials used in socks, they also differ in the socks series. Among them, the elastic nylon socks, socks to poor appearance, 2cm is 1 stalls; cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, blended socks and other socks series, with a difference of 1cm for the 1 file.
    Quality: "tight, loose, large, light, neat, clear" 6 words to sum up, the socks and stocking soles to matter, loose, hosiery, socks, smooth surface, no skew rib flush, needle weave pattern, clear, sharp, with no socks socks with needle.