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Shopping Guide Handbag

  • Update:03-11-2016
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    If there is no handbag to install our daily needs, pres […]

    If there is no handbag to install our daily needs, presumably most people can not survive it. But if only because the handbag has such a function and ignore its appearance, then it is not too boring, especially now popular standards, so, Zichan Youhu network recommends that you do not buy a basic function of the handbag As a matter of course. Here to introduce the top ten fashion advice on handbags.
    1. bright color handbag most beautiful
    Wearing jeans and T-shirts or traditional dark suits, a bright orange, red or pink handbag can make you instantly shining.
    2.Oversized handbag the most convenient
    If the dress in the pocket stuff stuff, it will give a very messy bad feeling. The small bag full of, although very convenient, but it will seriously affect its appearance. So you have a lot of things to take out, then wealthy bag plus a small handbag will be a good suggestion, you can put the bag in a large bag, convenient and very neat.
    3. Black, brown handbag most wild
    No time, energy or capital to wear for you every day with a variety of different packages. Wild black and brown handbag will be your best! This collocation can set off the color and color of the level, and in some cases, but also refreshing.
    4. To mention the most practical dual-use package
    Can be hand-held and can shoulder, dual-use handbag can be based on your needs or clothing with the changes at any time. The most suitable for young girls shopping and practical.
    5. Chain handbag the most elegant
    Metal chain as a bag, can increase the feeling of exquisite fashion handbags, clothing can also help improve the overall shape of the fine degree.
    6. Rivet Handbag The most rock
    A handbag with heavy metal decoration will make you look cool. Many of the personality of young people compared to the type of loyalty.
    7. cylinder Tote most temperament
    Cylindrical retro handbag gives the feeling of elegance, such as lady, and very suitable for work and formal occasions.
    8. Luxury handbags most worthy of investment
    Ostrich, crocodile, python and other leather, these luxury works, is undoubtedly a waste, but as a portable investment is good.
    9. According to the body to choose packages
    Petite stature, do not back a person you can cover up the whole handbag. Select some small and medium-sized package will be more suitable. And tall tall girls, do not choose small and exquisite package type, these packages will make your body proportions instantaneous imbalance, so choose a large size or oversized handbag will be the best choice.
    10. Too old handbag of the retired
    We can remember, but we still have to realize that it is time to change a new package. The holes, the stains, the wear and tear, the broken bag means that it really should be retired.