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Scarf Knowledge and Scarf Origin

  • Update:14-10-2016
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    With the improvement of people's tastes of life, scarve […]

    With the improvement of people's tastes of life, scarves become a single product in our lives. However, you know when the scarf is popular? How is the evolution of it? Now, with the Chinese scarf trading network Xiaobian to a simple look at the origin of the SCARFS common sense.

    Scarf has always been not a woman's proprietary jewelry, which gives feminine temperament at the same time, it can also give men masculine charm. Rich patterns and soft delicate warm touch to the scarf since the birth of the popular, it is the nobility of luxury, it is also the trend of fashion medal. Autumn and winter season, with a scarf, surrounded by your fashion emboldened!

    The source of the scarf

    European scarf was born in Knight culture, and we are all the knight of the romantic reverie different early knights is the feudal system under the heavy cavalry, and the scarf is knight armor on the assembly.

    The 11th century, it has been wrapped around the Frankish knights, Crusaders Knight pride and rage of gas.

    To the 18-19 century, in the vast western United States land, the birth of a group of passionate Western pioneers, they are called the western cowboy. Although the western cowboy is a short historical phenomenon, but the cowboy hat, cowboy jeans, cowboy boots, these popular denim head is American heroism, a typical representative of the spirit of freedom.

    Neck a brightly printed large square towel, pedal a pair of decorated with a thorn Ma nail Gaotong boots, with the Feng Chi gallop horse gallop, the image of the mighty free and easy, is the cowboy unique wandering charming style. "Shameless Bastard" director Quentin Tarantino shooting another film "was rescued Jiang Ge", a United States Civil War as the background of the film, the hero Jiang Ge, the relentless pursuit of freedom and love characters , Was also portrayed as a cowboy in a scarf.

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