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Routine Maintenance of SCARFS

  • Update:13-10-2016
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    SCARFS maintenance 1. Scarf washing: Wool scarves must […]

    SCARFS maintenance

    1. Scarf washing:

    Wool scarves must be dry cleaning, or shrink easily make the fluff texture changes. Silk scarves are also subject to dry cleaning. Self-cleaning Scarf should be placed in cold water soak for three or five minutes (to soak through), and then wash in cold water, can not be scrubbed, wring dry after washing, not twist.

    2. Scarf maintenance:

    Wool scarves weaving so loose in the washing and use should pay attention to avoid nails, sharp objects hook pull. If only tick a yarn, you can pull along the weave texture can be flat. Do not use fine needle to pick the whole.

    3. Collections:

    Scarf is best not to be placed with the clothes together, to avoid the clothes on the zipper and button hook bad. Scarf can be rolled into a "sushi" type, a roll of the volume into the drawer, to avoid the development of fold marks.

    4. Wool Scarf Ironing:

    The iron will be transferred to the medium-temperature temperature, hot before drying the scarf evenly sprayed with water mist, covered with wet after squeezing the white gauze piece. Ironing to comply with the latitude and longitude to the order, avoid slanting deviation to scarf deformation, and after washing deformation and texture thick, appropriate weight with ironing.

    5. Silk scarf Ironing:

    Ordinary iron temperature adjusted to low temperature, with a little moist white gauze pause to produce watermarks and hot marks.