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How to wear a straw hat

  • Update:22-09-2016
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    Straw hat with what kind of clothes with it? Spring and […]

    Straw hat with what kind of clothes with it? Spring and summer to go out to more eye-catching, you can try to use straw hat concave shape Oh, skirt with straw hat Fun holiday wind, shirt trousers with straw hat more Type, goddess who are used with the method you can also try Oh, the use of a simple straw hat a single product, but also to create the most beautiful fashion style. see more

    Blogger Chiara week award! Holiday Resort

    Key words: vacation wind vest

    Fashion bloggers ChiaraFerragni week trend awards time to friends ~ This week, Chiara bring us a vacation with the wind! Summer inflammation, and the end of the test coincides with a better day, the holiday must go ah ~ So what should be the United States and the United States to wear holiday? Chiffon dress? flip flops? These are out of it! Now the most hit holiday wind Chiara to tell you.

    Summer beach shape you need what equipment?

    Keywords: dresses scarves accessories

    Hot summer has been quietly to the beach is doing my summer vacation choice, then how to create the perfect beach shape, how to get rid of the beach passers-by image? Here, the beauty of women's network lists a must-have list, abandon trouble and burden, while traveling, let you leave absolutely satisfied with the beach trip!

    US "hat" debut! 6 HIT cap wave modeling upgrade

    With no longer just clothes pants and shoes with the increasing importance of accessories. Hat on the overall shape has a crucial position, enhance the sense of style, add feminine or join the street elements can be done with a hat! Look at the six most popular hats, you know how much? see more

    Enhance the shape! Fashion small things to teach you to do easy icon

    Winter with most of the black and white ash three-color, it seems that some monotonous. Add some fashion to enhance the degree of small things to try it! Wool cap and scarf this winter must be a single product will not have to say, this year's hot fur cap and fur collar! Join the fashion with a single product, creating a street influx of people look! see more

    Goddess look here dress + straw hat Fun holiday

    Keyword: long skirt dress beach skirt

    Want to wear out the holiday feeling, in addition to everyone knows the skirt, the use of a simple straw hat, but also concave Goddess Fan shape. Elegant long skirt and wide-brimmed hat with a holiday is the first choice, sunscreen cool, take pictures also eye-catching eyes!

    Hat against the sun UV sunblock shape summer essential

    Keywords: hat sun hat

    Wearing a fine hat is not the privilege of winter Oh ~ summer can also choose a refreshing hat, sun shade at the same time can also be free to concave fashion modeling, so a small hat in the summer vacation is definitely one of the essential single product, Together with the beauty of women's network to see it ~ ~

    Straw hat + dress summer sun cooling with tactics

    Keywords: straw hat long skirt

    Long skirt + straw hat, is definitely the best summer vacation with no one. Elegant skirt does not feel hot, but the sun hat can be sun hat, simply can not stick. Meimei together to follow the women's network to see the beauty of the dress and straw hat with it.

    Straw hat + dress summer vacation with elegant sunscreen

    Key words: long skirt summer hat

    Summer is the travel season, and the sun want to play games but can protect the skin moist white, Xiaobian devaluation straw hat + skirt ride, straw hat can not only achieve the effect of sunscreen, but also allows you to full of fashion sense, elegant Long skirt can also enhance the crush of temperament Oh!