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How to wash the fleece scarf?

  • Update:02-08-2017
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    Scarves have different styles and different functions i […]

    Scarves have different styles and different functions in daily life. In winter, generally use a scarf to also play the role of decoration, in other seasons, but there is a unique charm of color is not a scarf to show personal.
    From the scarf material and process that there are many, such as silk, wool, etc. have brushed. Now raised scarf has become a growing love scarf, but on a simple but important question you understand? The washing method is brushed scarf, here to teach you how to wash the fleece scarf. As we know, brushed items washed badly, brushed clothes easy deformation, shrinkage and compaction, loss of elasticity, more is to pile effect of lodging, soft and fluffy. If the raised scarf is dirty, can soak in cold water first, then add warm water plus detergent, gently knead and wash, and then at the same temperature water ticket washed several times, finally put a little vinegar in cold water, soak for 1 minutes, with the hand picked up, with the dryer drying or gently twist dry hands, dry shade. Dry, brush gently with soft brush along the plush. In this way, the soft velvet nap scarf expansion, gloss reduction.
    At the same time, washing should pay special attention to, that is, cut things with temperature too high water, otherwise it is easy to scarf hardened.