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How to Choose the right Baseball Cap

  • Update:24-10-2016
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    Baseball cap with shade, decoration, warming and protec […]

    Baseball cap with shade, decoration, warming and protection of the role of different roles. So many types, the choice also pay attention to.


    The face of the main square (national character face), round (round face) and sharp type (sharp face) three. Round face wearing a dome cap, it becomes big face, hat small. Such as wearing a large cap is more appropriate. Pointed face of the person wearing a cap on the face becomes big under the small, more thin. So wearing a dome hat is more appropriate. Guo Zi face of people wearing all the hats are more appropriate.


    Height of the baseball cap should not be small, or give a light head heavy feeling. The short ones are the opposite. Tall women should not wear high baseball cap, or give the impression that "and" long high. Short stature should not wear a flat-wide baseball cap, it will appear even shorter.

    Wearing a baseball cap and dressing, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they wear a satisfactory, but also make people look at the elegant. Hat form and color must be and clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes and other facilities. Ladies wearing glasses, do not wear a hat with a complex floral, hat should not cover the forehead, hat to be higher, so that you can show your smart style and elegance. The size of a man hat that number is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But taking into account some of the hat to shrink after washing, so the purchase should be slightly larger. General adult men's hat is 55-56, the child is 50-55, the baby cap is 42-46.

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