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How to Buy Men's Handbags

  • Update:14-11-2016
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    We generally believe that handbags are a kind of jewelr […]

    We generally believe that handbags are a kind of jewelry, but for the men's handbags to buy knowledge you know how much, the following to tell you about: handbags in the ever-changing styles of clothing today, worth double. Style too numerous to mention, from the appearance point of view, there are rectangular, square, trapezoidal. Round, shaped and so on. The production of men's handbag fabric is also varied, currently on the market a variety of inlaid jewelry-like animal skins, grass linen weaving in the Ti Pi is very popular. Consumers in the purchase of handbags, in addition to consider the beautiful bag design, production of fine, but also to consider the age and worth with the clothing.

    <1> Figure: tall people, should not use too small in the bag: stature man, should not use round handbag, should be near with angular, small bag: short stature. Should not be used big bag, so as not to appear awkward, the choice of Linglong compact suitable for thin people, should use round, soft side of the handbag, gives a sense of added charm.

    <2> Age: young people can choose bright colors. Style novelty bag, to show the color of the times. Relatively in the elderly, can choose a more neutral neutral color handbag, style and strive to look nice, look old. Children's satchel with lively, beautiful, simple shape is appropriate. Should be equipped with light-colored linen, straw-style and jewelry table set of refined handbags; suits are generally the same as the general trend of the new fashion; With long leather handbag is