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How do you match a scarf to a sound?

  • Update:25-07-2017
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    Scarf can keep out the cold, and can also play a role i […]

    Scarf can keep out the cold, and can also play a role in decorating the neck, so that the overall dress with more effective. Everyone in the use of scarves, should be based on individual temperament, color, size, shape, width, clothing and other aspects, so as to achieve the weaknesses and beautiful surrounding effect. Now, Xiao Bian teaches you how to match your scarf
    One.Look at clothes. Department scarves should be based on clothing in general. According to the fashion style, when wearing more serious clothing, should match the scarf of traditional pattern; when wearing fashionable clothes, use modern design scarf. But the temperament of quiet people, should choose elegant small pattern scarf; lively personality, big pattern scarf is more appropriate.
    Two.Skin color. Skin white, with pale blue, wheat red, apple green, lemon yellow, choose strong color scarf. If the skin less white, should choose Brazil yellow, beige, grey, deep deep, shallow tone with caution. Yellow color of women, should avoid the purple and yellow, choose milk white, lake blue, medium green scarf, so that their face in the scarf against the pale.
    Three.Look at figure. If the body is moderate, slender neck, skin color image, you should wear colorful scarves, such as pink, blue, bright yellow, rose red; on the pattern, can choose a big flower, wide lattice, scattered, or abstract color mosaic. The scarf is so close that it makes people look more lively, intelligent and competent. For slender young women, the choice of tension orange, lemon yellow, fruit green, in the crowd play a striking role.
    Four.Look at weight. If women face more fat, you can choose fine stripes or small flowered scarf, avoid large flower art. The colors can be dark green, dark blue, black, brown, purple, etc.. If the body fat and chest is too large, should design simple dark peach or monochrome loose knit scarf or silk scarf. The small one to a straight pattern in simple, elegant, floral scarf. Dress collocation
    Five.Shoulder type. For those with wide shoulders, a scarf with a straight pattern should be chosen. Slanting shoulder, to lengthen the scarf as well, use should pay attention to both ends of a scarf hanging behind the shoulder, the vision can make the shoulder is well proportioned, liberal and dignified.