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Gloves are good in winter

  • Update:19-07-2017
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    Winter season, go out with gloves, both warm, but also […]

    Winter season, go out with gloves, both warm, but also to protect the hands of the skin. Gloves are essential for both men and women
    When buying gloves, size should be appropriate. Too large to reach the effect of warmth and make the fingers difficult to move. Too small to cause the circulation of the hands to be blocked, causing discomfort. The size of gloves is comfortable when worn and convenient for taking off.
    Hyperhidrosis patients to choose cotton products, both warm and good water absorption, and can often be washed.
    For people suffering from chapped hands and feet, chapped winter intensifies, because the hand needs change every day, it is best to wear double gloves, gloves should be used in thin cotton fabric, easy to wash regularly, in order to keep clean.
    Small children, thin tender skin, glove material with soft cotton, wool, or elastic nylon fabric for good.
    Riding a bicycle wearing winter gloves, should not use artificial leather, nylon or thick material, because winter leather easily made hard nylon too slippery, small friction, slippery material cycling, resulting in too thick hand inconvenience, these are not conducive to safe riding.