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Functions of Long Silk Scarves for Women

  • Update:26-12-2016
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    Oftentimes, when people think about scarves for women, […]

    Oftentimes, when people think about scarves for women, what come to mind are the typically small, traditional, square-shaped variety that women used to fold into a triangle and wear over their heads, knotted underneath the chin to create what was sometimes not a particularly flattering look. The world of silk scarves, however, has much, much more to offer than the simple head square, and with a whole range of different shapes and sizes on offer, there is no end to their versatility.

    While the saying 'bigger is better' certainly does not hold true for everything, when it comes to making a stunning personal statement with a hand painted scarf, it has to be said that size really does matter. Swathes of luxurious silk in sumptuous colors are just the ultimate in elegance, sophistication, and style, and on a long, floating scarf, the gorgeous and unique designs really stand out to perfection. The sheer extent of the fabric allows for much more complex and interesting designs which compliment any length of outfit and add extra interest to even the simplest and plainest of dresses. On shorter women, a long scarf also has the advantage of giving the impression of additional height, so making for a much more streamlined and elegant look.

    Long silk scarves for women offer so much more in terms of versatility than their small, square counterparts too. With, in some cases, in excess of 80 glorious inches of silk fabric, they can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes and on various parts of the body. In fact, the ways in which they can be worn are only really limited by your own creativity.

    Whether you want to achieve that true Hollywood look and wear your scarf draped across your head and around your neck or shoulders, or make a high fashion statement by tying it under the bust to create an empire line, there will be ample fabric to play with. Even halter-neck tops and bolero-style jackets can be created from the longer styles of silk scarf.

    Larger square or rectangular scarves also offer a great deal by way of versatility and can be used as sarongs, tied around the waist to create a skirt which looks fabulous over a simple pair of leggings or footless tights, or used around the shoulders as an elegant shawl.

    Worn around the hair, both long and larger square silk scarves for women can look absolutely stunning whether they are simply left to trail down the back or across the shoulders or are tied into a fashionable turban. Woven or plaited into the detail of a favorite bag, meanwhile, a long scarf can provide a totally unique and eye-catching look which will stand out from the many mass-produced designer bags which incorporate scarves into their design.