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Felted Wool Hat - Fashion Accessories

  • Update:14-02-2017
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    Felt is said to be the oldest of all manmade materials, […]

    Felt is said to be the oldest of all manmade materials, produced by the simple but laborious process of pressing together wool water and soap. Old scraps of felt have been discovered dating back almost 9000 years, predating weaving with origins in the Neolithic period. Felt is as relevant today as it always has been with a wide and versatile range of uses including, as a dampener in the automotive industry, decorations, clothing, childrens toys, in drum kits, pianos, assorted musical instruments and billiards tables. But it is perhaps its older and more traditional uses that hold the most allure for the collector. Historically felt was and still is used as a source of warmth and shelter being made into shoes, hats, clothes, tent coverings, doors, blankets, rugs and votive images.

    The oldest archaeological evidences of the use of acquainted were in Turkey. Wall paintings anachronous aback from 6500 BC depicted what seems to be a acquainted authoritative process. The Romans and the Greeks of the age-old times knew of the uses of absolute felt. In fact, Roman soldiers were begin to accept beat acquainted breastplates, tunics, boots and even socks as aegis from arrows.

    Felting can alone be able with absolute or some added accustomed beastly fiber. You can use a alloy if beastly cilia is the primary ingredient, but it cannot be apparatus washable. Yarn labels will acquaint you what the yarn is fabricated of, in percentages if the yarn is a blend. In blends, try to acquisition yarn with 15% or beneath constructed ingredients. Pay absorption to the characterization if you buy wool, because some absolute is advised and can be apparatus washed. Apparatus washable absolute cannot be acclimated for felting. Also, abstain albino white absolute and use attention with lighter colors. These tend to not be acceptant to felting.

    Felting has evolved to an art in hat making. Each manufacturer closely guards his exact felt making process and formula. I've come to understand over the years that what constitutes a good felt hat can be a matter of opinion or taste. For example, the stiff and meaty felt associated with a high quality American western hat is much different than the supple and light fine felt material associated with European hat making.

    Today, the felt is widely used in various parts of the world, most especially in areas with harsh and very cold climates. Felt is being used by nomads to make tents called 'gets or yurts' in Mongolia. The hats, rugs and other similar items are made of felt in Turkey. Similarly, felt tents, rugs and blankets are used by nomadic tribes in South Central Asia. Felt boots are very famous in Russia and Scandinavia. Felted Wool Hat called kepeneks are used by Shepherds as protection against the rough climate.