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Choose the Right Winter Scarf for You

  • Update:06-03-2017
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    A scarf is definitely a fantastic accessory for both la […]

    A scarf is definitely a fantastic accessory for both ladies and men which is put on in most seasons. Winter scarves can be found made from various materials such as cotton, silk, wool and cashmere. A winter scarf is said to be very versatile because it allows you to create any look when wearing it. However, not all winter scarves are good enough for you.

    the color and the design of the scarf must be considered. It is advisable to choose a scarf which has strong bold colors. Although printed and patterned ones are cute, those scarves which are plain and bold in colors are easy to mix and match with other winter clothing like a hat, a coat, and gloves. A plain-colored winter scarf goes a long way with any outfit. However, if you cannot let go of that one cute printed scarf on a shelf, then make everything else in your outfit be plain. Remember, use one printed clothing item in your outfit to make it stand out, and complement the outfit.

    If you scarf has patterns in it, select shirts with solid colors to match it. If it is plain, you can go with patterned tops. The workplace is the best place to wear these. For example, a purple colored winter scarf will go well with a light colored sweater. Make the scarf into a triangle by folding it into half.. Fold your silk scarf into a triangular shape after which roll it slightly from the lengthier side. Leave the large sufficient space for the next procedure. Place the triangular portion in front of the chest and create a knot behind. Get a good realignment to really make it sleek and delightful. How to tie a Winter Scarf need not be a tedious process as long as you know what kind of scarf you have.