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Choose Right Scarves for Women for Certain Occasion

  • Update:06-10-2016
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    The, how do you choose scarves for women for a certain […]

    The, how do you choose scarves for women for a certain occasion?

    First, there's color. Business attire usually commands darker hues such as black, gray or white. You can match scarves of the opposite color. For example, if you plan to wear a black pantsuit, match it with a white, beige or gray scarf. Wearing scarves that have the same color as your blazer can be predictable and bland. However, this does not mean that you can't use color. Bright colors can introduce an impression of positivism for you. Just use them in moderation. For example, wearing a bright orange scarf may seem to be too loud when worn with a red blazer, but can work wonders with a white one.

    You're going to a very important job interview that will determine your ultimate career path. You are going to make a presentation to a large executive board who will decide on your promotion. You are about to meet a new boss..

    All these scenarios can be quite challenging. It is completely normal to be nervous. Don't fret though, we have the concept of "power dressing". With power dressing, you are able to exude confidence in yourself, to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. You are also able to generate respect from older or more authoritative individuals. You can achieve this sense of power dressing with scarves for women. Scarves are flexible and can work both in formal and casual situations, at the same time making you look more mature and possibly even smarter.

    Second, there is also the print or pattern. Be cautious about using scarves for women with prints. Prints have the tendency to look louder and more casual, hence they may be better set aside for business meetings. You can be more creative, however, provided that the prints are not too loud and are isolated. For instance, you can wear a scarf with Pucci prints or other brightly colored patterns. To avoid making the look too loud, you can wear the scarf as a cravat or bracelet, tucked inside a long-sleeved blouse. This uses the unique bright color of the scarf without giving too much of it away.

    Lastly, you can use other accessories in addition to the scarf. Note that these accessories are meant to complement the scarf and not to overpower them. Examples of suitable accessories are pearls, small brooches and beads. Strike a balance between wearing that something that is able to complement the entire look that you are trying to achieve.