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Basic hat style for men

  • Update:09-08-2017
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    1. Trucker Hat These hats are used in most casual wear. […]

    1. Trucker Hat
    These hats are used in most casual wear. In the summer, simple T-shirts, jeans, and a hat like that are easy to wear. The pattern on the hat must match your clothes. The so-called collocation is clothes clean, hat patterns as clean as possible. If the clothes are brightly colored, the pattern of the hat can be relatively bright. Of course, do not exaggerate, or go out will be looked at with unusual eyes.
    2. baseball flat cap
    This kind of hat is all over the street. This kind of hat with the above trucker hat actually is basically all-match hat. If it's a street fan in Europe and America, you can wear some loose T-shirts and jeans. Because of this kind of collocation most is neither fish nor fowl. If you want to wear this, be sure to observe the details. Fit is not a bag body short sleeved shirt and khaki slacks, the beard and sunglasses plus sign. The face above all show European and American style. Dressed in street style casual wear, too.
    3. flat cap, cap.
    This kind of hat is becoming more and more popular now, and there are many people on the street. Most people wear it with a baseball cap on it. The hat is a hat between formal and casual. It can go with pure casual clothes, such as shirts and casual pants. It can also go with T-shirts, jeans, or a casual leather jacket. Belong to all-match style.
    4. painter hat, octagonal hat
    This kind of hat already belongs to the slightly higher end, and the average person can't control it, or do not want to control it. This kind of hat must be chosen properly, otherwise, the collapse will not be felt at all. This kind of hat is a little narrower. Casual dress can be worn. White shirts, casual suits, coats, of course, beards, ties, belts, studs, all in detail. Be sure to match it. If you do not like to wear casual suits, shirts and knitted sweaters are also a good match. Heading for England, don't go in cowboy t-shirts
    5. jazz hat
    This kind of hat is more localized. Because this kind of hat is too western. Of course, since the hat is western style, the clothes must also depend on the British direction. Beards, studs, and, of course, the face are the details.
    6. Bere that
    This hat is also to pay attention to cap type, must not collapse, and do not choose the hat, there are obvious elastic and adjustment belt. It's strange to see it from the back. This hat is like the basic all-match, and a form of empathy. Dressing in English or Japanese style, or with a more formal casual outfit, works well.

    7. wool cap

    The wool hat used to be the warmest equipment in winter. Now he has become a symbol of fashion, whether it's summer or winter can carry a hat out of the street. This kind of hat has many styles and many kinds of clothes.