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Art of straw in China

  • Update:28-09-2016
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    Shandong folk straw, according to the 1959 Taian Dawenk […]

    Shandong folk straw, according to the 1959 Taian Dawenkou cultural relics unearthed pottery, as early as 6000 years ago existed. Folk grass weaving process can be divided into different straw straw, corn bran series, Pucao series, Langya straw, horse grass straw, three-row straw, straw, Ma Jian, Shan Jian grass (folk also known as "oil grass") And so on. Among them, the straw straw, corn bran, Pucao series is the most common. Cushion, chopsticks, rice buns, rice fences, vegetable sieves, pots, dinette, flower pots, paper HANDBAGS, paperboard, paperboard, paperboard, paperboard, paperboard and so on. (With hat, hat, hats, sun hat, Ma cap all kinds), straw sandals (with the traditional winter wear the "Po-wo"), a variety of clothing, , There are all kinds of slippers and sandals), I am similar, such as corn and turf, furniture, such as a class of grass screens, and other types of construction and interior decoration grass carpets, lamp umbrellas, decorative wall paper, wallpaper and so on. There are also a variety of grass braids as semi-finished products. According to the classification process there are goods, puzzle goods, Chuanhuo, nail goods all. As a traditional arts and crafts handicraft products, straw throughout the province of Shandong, more concentrated in several areas is Yantai City, Weifang City, Binzhou region, Liaocheng region as well as Qingdao and Jinan City.

    Yantai Yexian Shahe Town area is China grass weaving early distribution center, is also the intangible cultural heritage, is still the straw production is very active place. Here with straw straw made of straw, straw, straw hat, straw boxes, etc. still have the traditional characteristics. Grass braids such as "Shahe Huang", "Shahe white" and thousands of "pattern braid", craft rules, beautifully produced, at home and abroad enjoy a certain reputation.

    Yantai City, the main straw products from wheat straw knit to corn husk knitwear, Haiyang, Rushan and other cities of the corn skin rugs, Haiyang's "Malian stacks" basket, Longkou wrapped around the basket, Zhaoyuan Corn skin curtain, are the characteristics of the hot products. Weifang City, Changyi County, known for hand-woven straw hat, the local production of gold straw hat to be expensive, so far the county women in rural areas can be hand-woven many forms of straw hat.

    Linyi area of ​​Tancheng County, is the well-known origin of lang Ya grass knit. Langya grass, also known as yellow grass, because of its main producing areas of Tancheng County for the Qin Langya County, because that "Langya grass." Langya grass leaves slender soft and flexible, very suitable for weaving, the local people for generations to weave straw sandals. In 1913, the local Yang Xitang and others in accordance with the method of folk weaving to create a velvet for the classics, in order to lace grass weft straw weaving process, then grass straw woven Langya world famous. There are a variety of techniques: "wind eye" rhythm harmonization, "eagle claw pattern" lively and dynamic, "rope grass compilation" style open, several kinds of code combination is the actual situation, density, light and dark phase Langya grass products in addition to the straw hat there are slippers, basket, cup sets, fruit boxes, flower boxes and so on. Pingdu City, Shandong is also the traditional straw production areas, wheat straw braided products and grass tea mat the most unique.

    Boxing County of Binzhou Prefecture to knit weaving of Pucao tea mats, cushions, etc., rather unique, they adhere to the development of the times, focusing on reed, Po produced a variety of grass wall seats, so that the traditional Straw into the modern building interior building materials.

    Shandong straw weaving process is extremely rich, commonly used in braid, flat knitting, twisted, compiled flowers (such as "Ma Lin stack", "buckle", "chain buckle", "small spray" Tapering, wrapping, wrapping, wrapping, twisting, twisting, folding, twisting, wrapping, etc.) , Sewing embroidery, paste, cut flowers all kinds of Zale.

    Shandong straw that rich in history and folk tradition of handicrafts, in the hands of the creative people of Shandong, will be rich in modern style of the era of folk arts and crafts, for all of modern life weaving a happy, harmonious and happy .